Who is the first vacuum blood collection tube inventor in China?
Sep 12, 18

In 1992, China have no vacuum blood collection tube. Hospitals are still use traditional way to draw blood.At that time , Chen Pingxuan, a normal worker, who worked in the public office in Liuyang city of China.

SANLI Medical Distributor Policy
SANLI Medical Distributor Policy
July 22, 2018

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Six cosmetic effects of PRP,Let you return to 18 years old
July 22, 2018

PRP is an abbreviation of Platelet-rich plasma, and the Chinese name is "High concentration of platelet plasma" it is a platelet-rich high-concentration plasma that is produced by her/his own blood.

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Super Practical Article Help you Remember the types and Usage of Multiple color Vacuum Blood Collection Tubes!
Oct 08, 18

Standardized vacuum blood collection tubes should adopt the international standard cap and label color to indicate the type of additives in the blood collection tube and its test use. Due to the diversity of blood analysis, there are many types of additives, and the following are commonly used.

SANLI PRP Treatment News
Why we need choose PRP that can extract high-concentration platelets?
Mar 14, 19

PRP extraction requires strict aseptic operation, which is the first step to ensure safety. In the specific operation, the concentration of platelets extracted is closely related to the technology. There are many potential safety hazards in the market for blood collection tubes with separating gel only for blood test.