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OUR advantages

Brand Advantage

Since 1991, when it took the lead in the hospital use of Sanli® Blood Collection Tubes together with needles, the factory has, through the efforts of Sanli workers, become the ...

Resource Advantage

SANLI Medical Instrument factory covers about 88,000 square meters, with 15,000 square meters devoted to a purification workshop. SANLI annual yield is in excess of 600 million pieces. The company ...

Market Advantage

SANLI in the provinces and cities in the country set up more than 60 offices, with more than 1,500 domestic and foreign professional agents, products exported to Asia, Europe, the ...

Technical Advantage

SANLI has received CE and TUV certificate and ISO 9001:2015、ISO 13485:2016  .Vacuum Blood Collection Tubes for Single Use and Blood Collection Needles for Single Use.

Service Advantage

SANLI has a stable, professional and efficient customer service team, key personnel are graduated from well-known medical universities, with first-class professional level, rigorous style of work and rich experience to ...

Price Advantage

SANLI prices lower than their peers 10% to 20%, SANLI has its own R & D team, production plant and a stable market, Sanli Group is China’s one-time aseptic automatic ...

Why Choose Us?

The Reasons That Why You Choose SANLI


We have 31 years of experience

SANLI is the largest Asian producer of blood collection tubes and the only manufacturer that adopts fully automatic production methods to specialize in blood collection systems.


We are Manufacturers

SANLI Medical covers an aera of 88,000 square meters with 15,000 square meters of class 100,000 clean room and have most advanced laboratory for quality testing in China.


We are improving everyday

"To be the leader of Vacuum Blood Collection System Industry around the world" is our development goal. SANLI Medical would keep goal, and make efforts to contribute to the human health in all parts of the world.

We have a full line of medical equipment


Vacuum Blood Collection Tube

Vacuum Blood Collection Tube

VacuLab® Vacuum Blood Collection Tubes are used to transport and process blood for testing serum, plasma or whole blood in the clinical laboratory.

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Capillary Blood Collection Tube

Micro Blood Collection Tube

MiniLab Micro Blood Collection Tubes with Capillary are used for capillary blood collection. The special design is to provide safe, accurate and comfortable capillary blood sampling and collection.

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Blood Collection Needle

Safety Venous Blood Collection, Used for venous blood collection, Flashback window provides immediate confirmation of right venipuncture. Safety shield reduces the possibility of needlestick injuries after drawing blood.

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PRP Tube

PRP, Platelet Rich Plasma, is prepared through blood centrifugation to obtain high concentration Platelet Plasma. Platelets can provide cohesion function at the time of bleeding and provide the essential growth ...

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Cell-Free DNA Collection Tube

The Cell-Free DNA Collection Tube(cfDNA Tube) is supplied with stabilizing reagents that prevent the release of genomic DNA and cfDNA degradation by nucleases, maintaining the integrity of cfDNA in the ...

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Disposable Virus Specimen Collection Tube

VTM is used for the collection, transportation and preservation of oropharyngeal or nasopharyngeal parts of respiratory and enteric viruses such as new coronavirus , influenza, bird flu, hand-foot-mouth, swine flu ...

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